My name is Heather Newton and I am the owner and primary agent of Shipsmart Travel. I have a finance degree and a background in corporate finance. I left my corporate job when my husband and I purchased this travel agency in 2006. We ran the agency in its original retail store for almost two years. We eventually decided to cut the overhead costs in order to keep our prices competitive and not cut back on what services we could provide our clients. We have four outside agents who manage and book their own clients and are also here to help at any time, especially when I am traveling to review resort sites and destinations. Any quote request that originates with me or any of our agents is managed by that one agent the throughout the whole process.

Our clients are never bounced around, so you always work with the same person from pricing, booking, making payments, answering questions, receiving your travel documents all the way until your travel date. I am a very hands-on agent, and I will work diligently to ensure you have the best booking and travel experience.

How valuable is your time researching your trip? We work with many resorts in a variety of destinations to keep up with what is new, what they have to offer when they were renovated and keep on top of the travelers’ reviews. There are many resorts that look amazing online, but we have the inside scoop to know which ones are truly amazing.

We have knowledge of many destinations and can help you find the area that fits your needs best. We ask questions because each traveler has a different preferred way to travel. We can make sure you have a vacation that is relaxing, active, luxurious, fun or all of the above!

Did you know that the resorts can see how you booked your trip? If there is a problem and they have to choose between a person who booked online themselves or booked through a travel agent who booked through a tour operator, who do you think is going to get the better option? Believe us, they don’t want the travel agent AND tour operator calling if there is an issue.

We book through reputable tour companies that make it less likely for you not to receive exactly what you booked or an upgrade. Many of them have it in their negotiated contract that they will give free nights or a free upgrade if the room type reserved is not provided.

Low deposits are an option through our tour operators AND most of the time we can price match if you are seeing it for less elsewhere before you book. We also check with many tour operators and review all current promotions when booking to make sure we have found you the best rate option.

We monitor your booking after you have booked, and if the resort price goes down, then we work to get your price down or you an upgrade.

All pieces of your travel are included when you book with us so you won’t be stranded or end up in a timeshare spill when all you wanted was a ride to your resort or to book an excursion.

A month before you travel, we mail you printed copies of all confirmations, local phone numbers, and all pieces of information you will need for your trip and then some. No more finding an email to print out the week or night before your trip.

NO SERVICE FEES. The resorts and tour operators pay us a commission for our reservations so there is no extra cost to you for using our services.

Our clients are given a 24-hour customer service number they can call if there is an issue. If they are not able to help you right away, you will have a personal cell phone number to use to get a hold of them to get your issue resolved as quickly as possible.

We think vacations are IMPORTANT so we do all we can to ensure you have the best experience possible.